Food School: With Coach Ashlyn


Saturday, May 25th, 2019


3049 – 34 St. South Lethbridge, Alberta


Food School lecture will cover the following:

  • Proteins, Fats, Carbs & Finding Your Macros
  • Utilizing Macro Calculations & Macro-Tracking 
  • Why SUGAR is Effing with your Fitness Goals
  • Blood Sugar Stabilization & Why it Matters
  • Sugar Shocker Interactive Assignment 
  • PF4U’s Best Fit-Tips for a Fit-LIFE
  • Interactive Game and Prizes to be won! 


Enrolment Options:

EARLY BIRD ENROLMENT (Before May 1st.): $169

*Lunch and refreshments included 

REGULAR PRICING (After May 1st ): $189

*Lunch and refreshments included 


Food School with Coach Ashlyn is a full-day workshop committed to uncovering the BEST nutrition advice, knowledge and tips that #Perfectfit4u has to offer.

This lecture series has been produced by Coach Ashlyn in hopes of teaching our fitness
community how to create, maintain, and facilitate a fit-lifestyle on their own terms, without
the constant need for a customized coach, plan or program.

Whether this means planning meals for your corporate meetings, packing your children’s lunch
for school, choosing the proper fuel for a sporting event or preparing a week’s worth of meals
in advance- you deserve to have the knowledge and tools to make your health and wellness
efforts worthwhile.

By gaining the proper KNOWLEDGE about nutrition in a friendly and fun environment, it will
give you the POWER to make proper health decisions for yourself, and for your family long-

Food School with Coach Ashlyn is for YOU if…

  •  You have tried multiple coaches and/or programs that were GREAT while they lasted… but you
    continue to come up short in maintaining the same success on your own.
  • You are a mother who is shopping and cooking for your family and are unconfident with your
    current nutrition choices
  • You just completed a fitness transformation and are now worried about venturing on your own
    without the help of a coach
  • You believe you must attend multiple University-Level courses in order to create your own
    nutrition programming
  • You are unsure how to read a nutrition label and gather the important information/facts on your
  • You no longer have the budget/finances to hire a personal coach, but you are eager to create
    success on your own terms.
  • You desire to LEARN once and for all, what all these trainers and coaches are offering you
    through digitized programming.
  • You currently have a long-term coach who creates your meal programming and you are ready to
    be set free
  • You continually hit the snooze button or crash mid-afternoon without explanation and want to
    address your food choices as the culprit of your mood and energy levels
  • You have an auto-immune disease or dietary restriction which makes managing your own
    nutrition tough and overwhelming
  • You realize that knowledge is power and the sooner you KNOW, the sooner you can take your
    power back and create a healthy lifestyle that you love.

Please Note: Although this workshop series is jam-packed with advice and take-home lessons
from #Perfectfit4u, you will NOT be graded on your performance and a professional certification
will not be granted after completion.

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