Femsport is a women’s only strength and conditioning “competition” where women are asked to complete in 6 different obstacles/workouts over the course of one day. Workouts/obstacles are completed independently and are judged in teams of three.

Femsport competition date:

June 22nd, 2019 @ 10:30am

1. Our Femsport IN-PERSON training packages includes the following:

  • Femsport nutrition and training guide
  • Team #Perfectfit4u embroidered socks and tank top
  • 2 Body Composition Test (Pre and Post testing)
  • 1 #Perfectfit4u water-bottle
  • 12 OR 24 Femsport training sessions

2. Our Femsport ONLINE only training package includes the following:

  • Femsport nutrition and training guide
  • Monthly custom online Femsport training plans
  • Monthly virtual check-in’s with our Training Team
  • Team #Perfectfit4u embroidered socks and tank top
  • 1 #Perfectfit4u water-bottle

* #Perfectfit4u coaches will be present on competition day.

* All online athletes that cannot attend the mock competition day will be registered as an individual competitor.

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After 12 weeks of training with #Perfectfit4u, our entire team roster will complete a mock competition at our facility the week prior to the actual event, and with these results, we will arrange our roster into equivalent teams of 3, each of similar athletic capabilities and performance.

#Perfectfit4u provides the option for clients to complete ONLINE training, 1x per week group training or 2x per week group training. The ability to add nutrition programming, additional body composition testing, independent training sessions and team tracksuit is also offered.


This is a 12-week program beginning in MARCH and ending in JUNE and is offered ANNUALLY.

Please note: each participant will be asked to complete the following obstacles on competition day:

> 18” Box Jumps (50 for time)

> ~250 lb.+ Tire Flip (6 for time)

> Burpees with 40 lb. Sandbag Press (15 for time)

> Obstacle Course (balance beam, farmer carry, agility poles/ladders, car push)

> Kettlebell Carry/Run (shuttling 50-70 lb. Kettlebells from one stand to the next, for time)

> Tire Pull (running backwards pulling tires with a rope, for time)

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Package options

Online ONLY training, 12 training sessions, 24 training sessions


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