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The advantages of competing extend beyond what is on paper. The relationships, friendships, support, mental strength and physical beauty obtained through this process is unlike anything else you could ever experience through a regular nutrition and dieting program. This process can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


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#Perfectfit4u – Competition Preparation Details:

  • 1-on-1 assistance from your coach for registration and membership with the most beneficial federation for your body type/goals.
  • Critique of your body composition and posing to decide appropriate category and class for each athlete.
  • A coach will help with suit selection, measurements, color recommendations, and ordering of suit from reliable sources.
  • A coach will help to organize athletes spray tans, hotels, transportation and provide updated information on ticket sales if needed.
  • Group posing sessions weekly with your coach OR weekly posing check-ins via Face-Time/Skype/or Videotext are mandatory (dependent on the location of an athlete, online athletes are still encouraged to send posing videos to coach)
  • Optional One-on-One posing opportunity if needed and within an appropriate distance
  • Continued diet alterations to competitors nutrition regime throughout competition prep
  • Continued alterations of the cardio regime to target specific goals (fasted cardio, HIIT, Night-Time cardio, steady state, etc.) cardio type, amount and timing will change throughout prep on a personalized basis, dependent on the physique and progress of the athlete.
  • Continued alterations to the competitors training regime to target specific body parts judged heavily in the competitor’s class. Training regimes may be altered to create more symmetry in specific areas of the client, or to help target areas in which the athlete may be lacking.
  • Personalized “Peak Week Plan” is given to all athletes to follow for 5-7 days prior to their exact show date. Peak Week planning includes all information necessary for an athlete getting on stage.
  • “What to Pack” list from the coach is given prior to show date outlining all necessary items needed for show day for each competitor
  • Bikini-Bite, Muscle Sheen, Dream Tan and all other beautifying backstage products will be supplied for athletes from Perfectfit4u on the athlete’s show day if a coach is able to attend the venue
  • Personalized Re-feed Meals designed and given to competitors by coach AS NEEDED throughout competition prep. Re-feed meals are constructed on an individualistic basis, based on current body composition and progress! Your coach provides these meals as practice for your pre-competition food regime. Photos prior to a meal, post meal, and hours after your meal are going to be requested, as different “loads” will be given to note how the body reacts to certain macronutrients.
  • Personalized REVERSE DIETING plan post-show to ensure that competitors are able to implement LIFESTYLE dieting after obtaining their optimal physique for the show.
  • Continued support from your coach via text message, Email, Kik messenger, Snap-Chat, Facebook, Instagram, or phone call throughout your competition prep and onward.
  • If within appropriate distance, a coach will attend the show to support athlete(s).
  • Cost of coaches travel expenses, hotel, show tickets, accommodations for any event in which coach is present are covered by Perfectfit4u
  • 24/7 text/call/email/FaceTime is given to any athlete competing without coach present on the weekend of their show.
  • Perfectfit4u Silk backstage robes and Competitor Track Suits are available for purchase for all Perfectfit4u athletes.
  • Perfectfit4u has posing suits and shoes for rent on a first-come-first-serve basis for those budgeting for show prep.
  • Perfectfit4u SWAG (phone cases, stickers, water bottles, lanyard, car bumper stickers, etc.) is available for Perfectfit4u competitors at discounted prices.
  • Please note that the registration fee for each show is different and that the client is responsible for paying for registration for their particular show, Perfectfit4u will NOT be paying your registration fee for your class, although your coach will show you HOW to register. This fee can range from $70-$200 dependent on which federation you are competing in! Registration is necessary approximately 2 weeks prior to your show day.


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