Nutrition FAQ’s

Where can I buy BCAA’s & Protein Powder? Recommend brands?

Popeye’s Supplements, GNC, Reflex Supplements, Supplement King

All of them are pretty much the same but it really comes down to taste preference! We would recommend talking to the people who work there and they will help find the perfect one for you.


Do I measure my meat cooked or raw?

You should measure your meat cooked.


Do I have to track my food during my programming?

The option is completely up to you, but it is not necessary to track your food while following the program.


What do I do if I want other food items added to my food plan?

You can email your nutrition coach directly at nutrition@perfectfit4u.ca for small simple swaps, for more complicated changes we ask that you write them down and we can implement those changes at your check in.


Can I change around the order of my meals?

Yes you can! The order of your meal’s doesn’t matter (you can even combine meals if you prefer) as long as you eat all the food listed on your plan with the proper portion sizes.


What if I can’t eat my last meal until late at night?

If you have to eat your last meal of the day in bed at 11:30PM then that’s fine! The timing of your meals is completely up to you.


Where do I buy Kodiak Pancake Mix & Little Big Bread?

You can but BOTH at Costco. You can also now but Kodiak Pancake Mix at Reflex Supplements and Little Big Bread at most grocery stores (Save-On-Foods, Safeway, Wal-Mart), it’s Silver Hills Brand in the blue packaging.


What are some tips to help get my water intake in?

You can try mixing your BCAA’s in and drinking them through the day OR even try adding a Crystal Light packet to them. Buy a 2-4L water bottle and carry that around with you everyday!


Do I get my POST-WORKOUT meal OR workout ONLY items on Active Rest Days?

Unless otherwise stated, NO you do NOT get your post-workout meal on active rest days.


Do I have to have my meal of choice?

Yes, we do want you to eat your meal of choice as it is a part of the program and we have it on there for a reason.


What do you recommend I have for my meal of choice?

If you have a family event for special outing I would recommend you save it for whatever meal is planned for that – but if you can PIZZA, PANCAKES & PASTA are the best choices that we would recommend!


Training FAQ’s

Do I have to run for the cardio sessions in my training program?

The Coach’s Notes will always have instructions for each exercise. If your program says “On a Cardio Machine of Choice” then you are free to pick any machine. If that is not written in your coach’s notes, it means that your #Perfectfit4u Trainer’s want you doing that specific exercise.


Missing equipment, can I please have a replacement exercise?

 Step-ups can be done on any bench or chair that is available in your gym.

 Almost all exercises that require a kettlebell can be replaced by a dumbbell if your gym does not have kettlebells.


How heavy of a weight should I be using?

You should always choose a weight that challenges you based on the number of repetitions you will be performing. For example, if your program says to do 15 bicep curls, pick a weight that is tough to finish 15 reps. If you can do 3-5 extra reps with that weight, you should choose a heavier weight. If you can only complete 12 reps, choose a lighter weight. There will be some trial and error involved the first few times.


If I purchase a lifestyle program with #Perfectfit4u, will I have access to your gym?

Yes, however the #Perfectfit4u Training Facility is a 1-on-1 Personal Training gym only and does come at an extra cost.


Can my workouts be done from home?

Yes they can! Based on your intake form, #Perfectfit4u Trainers will create your custom training program based off the equipment that you currently have available.