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#Perfectfit4u promotes health, happiness, and overall life balance through the implementation of proper nutrition habits and suitable activity for those of all ages and fitness levels. #Perfectfit4u works with clients on an independent basis to achieve personal health and fitness goals. #Perfectfit4u adapts to each patron to challenge, teach, and promote long-term sustainable health. #Perfectfit4u offers online lifestyle coaching, in-person assessments, custom and independently tailored nutrition and training programming, body composition analysis, and 1 on 1 private personal training sessions. In addition, #Perfectfit4u offers extreme accountability to our clients by providing full email access to our coaching staff, multiple check-in options, 24/7 text availability and daily online interaction.

Meet Our Staff

Ashlyn Merriman

Owner & Nutrition Coach

Ashlyn is the co-owner of Perfectfit4u and the heart and soul of the business. Ashlyn is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge where she obtained her B. Sc degree with Great Distinction.

During her time as a student, Ashlyn was given the hands-on experience of studying the chemistry and biochemistry of food and food products which sparked her passion for nutrition. Since this time Ashlyn has been on the receiving end of many accolades in the health and fitness industry including: Muscle Insider’s © Top 10 Canadian Trainers of 2016, Canada’s Top 100 Hot & Fit Females, Lethbridge’s Top 40 Under 40, 2017 International Drug Free Athletics Coach of the Year and 2018 Natural Physiques and Athletics Association Coach of the Year. In addition to this, Ashlyn has also served as a cover model for Training & Fitness Magazine for Women, as a CBBF National Bikini Competitor, and a published author of scientific research in ACS (American Chemical Society) journal.

Ashlyn’s enthusiasm for personal development and incredible knowledge base, makes her a prime candidate to be YOUR health and fitness coach!

Rob Gunderson

Owner & Certified PT

Rob was born and raised in the Lethbridge area and continued his hockey career to Anchorage, Alaska where he received an athletic hockey scholarship and psychology degree. After returning to Canada in 2014, Rob joined forces with business partner Ashlyn to utilize his business and fitness skills to create Perfectfit4u into what it is today.

Rob is the co-owner of Perfectfit4u, certified personal trainer and business manager. His passion for competitive sports and functional fitness coupled with his educational background in psychology and insight into mental health, makes him a top-notch trainer who loves to create incredible relationships with his clients.

Morgan Michalsky

Nutrition Coach

Morgan Michalsky is #Perfectfit4u’s very own Certified Nutrition and Food Specialist and has been working with #Perfectfit4u since her practicum semester as a nutrition student. Morgan graduated with honors in Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles from SAIT in early 2017.

Morgan enjoys working with clients to better their mindset and relationship with food. She is always up for challenging herself with new fitness-related challenges- from bikini competitions to Femsport, Morgan has tried it all. Interested in following Morgan’s fitness journey online? Check out her personal blog by clicking on the icon above.

Morgan’s passion for all things fitness and her expertise in nutrition are what makes her one of the most outstanding Nutrition Coaches in our area.

Justin Duursma

Facility Manager & Certified PT

Justin is a long-standing and experienced personal trainer with Perfectfit4u. Justin was born and raised in the Lethbridge area and has continued his education at both the Lethbridge College and University of Lethbridge.

After completing his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program in 2016, Justin furthered his personal training education and joined Team Perfectfit4u as an online and private trainer. Justin motivates his clients by setting goals and providing constructive feedback and accountability!

Justin’s varying degree of knowledge and his passion for bettering and pushing his clients makes him a phenomenal fitness coach.

Sydney Abells

Accountability Coach

Sydney Abell’s is the latest asset to the Perfectfit4u Team and has taken on our newest position as Perfectfit4u’s Accountability Coach.

Sydney was born and raised in Lethbridge AB and completed her dietetic education at the University of Prince Edward Island while she trained as a competitive swimming athlete. Sydney suffered a progressive spine injury in 2016, which resulted in her becoming paralyzed and completely bed-bound for nearly a year. After persevering through a rehabilitating spine surgery in Germany, Sydney has now learned to walk, run, swim and live life to the fullest again.

Sydney’s passion for fitness, understanding of nutrition and pure appreciation for life and the bodies capabilities makes her the perfect coach to understand, relate and advice clients on how to manage, change and grow their healthy lifestyles!

Tricia Northcott

Administrative Executive

Tricia was born and raised in Winnipeg MB and now resides with her husband and 4 children in Lethbridge AB.

Tricia is the administrative executive and front-end face of the Perfectift4u office. After successfully completing a Perfectfit4u journey of her own, Tricia gained herself the role as PF4U’s new secretary in 2017. Tricia is now devoting herself to training for her first Femsport fitness competition this summer!

Tricia’s extreme organization, smiling face, bubbly personality and unwavering positivity will be here to greet you on the other side of our front door, or other end of our administrative emails!


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Awards & Recognitions

  • Natural Physiques and Athletics Association: Alberta Team of the Year 2015
  • Voted Lethbridge’s BEST Weight Loss Centre 2016
  • Voted Lethbridge’s BEST Fitness Facility 2016
  • Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce “Excellence in Customer Service” Award 2016
  • Lethbridge’s Top 40 Under 40 Recipient (2016) – Owner, Ashlyn Merriman
  • FemSport Athletics: 1st Place Novice Team (2016) – Team #Perfectfit4u
  • Muscle Insider Magazine: Top 10 Canadian Trainers of 2016
  • Voted Lethbridge’s BEST Weight Loss Centre 2017
  • Lethbridge’s Top 40 Under 40 Recipient (2017)- Owner, Rob Gunderson
  • FemSport Athletics: 1st Place Novice Team, 2nd Place Novice Team, 2nd Place Novice Individual, 3rd Place Open Team – Team #Perfectfit4u, 2017
  • International Drug Free Athletics: Alberta Coach of the Year, 2017.
  • Natural Physiques and Athletics Association: Alberta Coach of the Year, 2018.
  • International Drug Free Athletics: Alberta Coach of the Year, 2018.
  • FemSport Athletics: 1st Place Open Team, 3rd Place Novice Team, 1st Place Open Individual – Team #Perfectfit4u, 2018