What is the Transformation Challenge?

Our Transformation Challenge is a 12-week contest which will be open to 25 contestants ranging from ages 14-70+ who will compete, in a friendly and supportive fashion for prizes and recognition of their efforts over the course of a 3-month period.

This challenge is a COMMUNITY based program focused on hands-on support, accountability, self-love and learning. Throughout the 12-week time frame, #Perfectfit4u will provide each member of our challenge with a personalized nutrition program, custom training or workout plan, access to a 24/7 coaching hotline, open group workouts alongside trainers, educational and hands-on nutrition information sessions, a challenge book club, immense amounts of PF4U swag, a ton of scheduled activities and seminars, and a communal social network used daily for motivation and support.

Most importantly, each participant will be given the tools needed to create a healthy fitness-based LIFESTYLE that will extend beyond the challenge time frame and onto the rest of their lives.

The 12-week challenge will conclude with each member completing a professional photoshoot at #Perfectfit4u to showcase their transformation. This photoshoot will include pro makeup application, salon hair styling, wardrobe services, and optional spray tan and skin care guidelines.

In addition to choosing an Overall Transformation Challenge Winner, a participant from each phase of the challenge will also be awarded (4-week winner, 8-week winner, 12-week winner) as well 3 other awards (Heart Award, Sponsored Client and Online Community Award). Prizes will be given to those who demonstrate a positive attitude, commitment to the program, involvement in the challenge, support for others, and of course, the body composition changes showcased in their monthly progress photos.

Disclaimer: These unedited photos are submitted by #Perfectfit4u clients at their time of their program start date and final check in. Please note, these photos show the client’s personal experience and is not a guarantee. They are posted with permission from the clients to motivate and encourage other aspiring individuals. 

What is included in the Transformation Challenge?

  • 12 weeks of nutrition programming with continued regime alterations as needed developed by #Perfectfit4u nutrition team.
  • 12 weeks of training programming (to be completed at home or at your gym of choice) with continued regime alterations as needed developed by #Perfectfit4u personal training team.
  • Personal email access to #Perfectfit4u nutrition and training coaches throughout the allotted Challenge timeframe.
  • Text access to #Perfectfit4u hotline.
  • Access to private social media support group for challenge participants and coaches ONLY from the Challenge timeframe which includes daily motivation and discussion from #PF4U coaching staff, monthly optional activities, goal setting, mini weekly challenges and accountability.
  • Mandatory 30 minute monthly consultations with #Perfectfit4u coaching staff (in person, FaceTime, Skype or phone call.)
  • A copy of the #Perfectfit4u recipe e-Book.
  • #Perfectfit4u Transformation Challenge T-shirt as well as personal #Perfectfit4u swag bag.
  • Pro-membership and personal user profile with the #Perfectfit4u app © and nutrition diary (available for iPhone and Android users)
  • Monthly Optional Group Workouts
  • A variety of planned community events and workshops focussed on overall physical, financial, emotional and mental health
  • Professional Photoshoot and 5 edited photos (including discounted hair, makeup, spray tan, and wardrobe styling services) provided to each participant at the conclusion of the 12 week challenge

 Transformation Challenge participants have the opportunity to win THOUSANDS of dollars worth of prizes provided by:

~ Fall 2017 Transformation Challenge Winners ~

4 week Winner:

Crystal Arnold

The 4-week prize package is given to the participant that showcased the most amount of progress and success during the FIRST phase of the challenge. This client is NOT a Lethbridge resident, but had made a trip south to visit during her first phase. This client has continually supported and encouraged all other members of the challenge through her online support, and has continued to set goals that inspire and scare her.

8 Week Winner:

Trina Rempel

The 8-week winner is the participant that showcased the most amount of progress and success during the second phase of the challenge. Our 8-week prize is going to a mother, who was terrified to take the leap of starting this program. She was the absolute last person to register for the challenge as she contemplated the decision heavily. Our 8-week winner has completed some killer training sessions with Coach Justin and has continued to push through an injury and create a healthier lifestyle not only for herself, but for her entire family.

12 Week Winner:

Vanessa Freel

The 12-week winner is the participant that showcased the most amount of progress and success during the last phase of the challenge. This participant has graciously shared her journey and feelings with our Transformation Community, which has been quite the ride. This woman is inspiring, she is hardworking, and she is absolutely changing her life every single day.

Heart Award:

Lori Dunsbergen

This award goes to a client that has shown extreme perseverance and passion throughout their transformation journey. Although quite a silent leader, our team has very much enjoyed this participant slowly coming out of her comfort zone in very small steps. Maybe ONE day, we can convince her to show her face on Snap-Chat. From driving nearly 2 hours for EVERY Perfectfit4u event or workshop, to prepping meals for trips all over the country, to achieving her most recent job promotion. Our team wants the winner of this award to realize that she is special and worthy of recognition.

Online Community Award:

Jelisa Paridaen

The winner of this award is NOT a Lethbridge resident, but we would never know any different. She was ALWAYS there in spirit. Her consistent Facebook posts, great Snap-Chats, and unswerving involvement despite living nearly 4 hours from us was always so much appreciated, not mind the amazing physical progress she's made.

Inverstors Group Sponsored Client Award:

Lauren Rolefsen

The winner of this award will be given the opportunity to continue their time with #Perfectfit4u for another 12 weeks, thanks to the generosity of Ben Osmond from Investors Group. Our team has hand-picked this client as she was one of the most consistent challengers, who was always eager to be involved, never made excuses, and continued to show amazing progress every single phase.

Overall Transformation Challenge Winner:

Kelly Mundell

This woman is undeniably one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. Her progress speaks for itself. Not only has she lost a significant amount of weight, she has developed lean muscle mass, an incredible cardiovascular system, and the ability to balance her children, husband, intense shift work, and fierce workout schedule, while challenging our staff to push themselves during group workouts.

I never thought that at the end of this challenge I would feel so awesome not only physically, but emotionally too. I can’t remember the last time I felt this confident (never) until now! Hard work pays off, I feel amazing and I LOVE looking in the mirror now. Getting dressed isn’t a struggle anymore.

Thank you Ashlyn and Robbie, all the staff at Perfectfit4u for changing my life! You guys are unbelievable and there are no words I can say to express what you have done to help me change my life and to realize I am worth it!  Lifestyle change, nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, which I will continue both! Love this feeling.

2016 Transformation Challenge Winner - Nicole Lazar

Perfectfit4u is simply incredible. The team here works together so well and offers a one of a kind experience. You’re not just getting a plan to follow like so many you can come across in books or online. You are getting a support group of well-educated and knowledgeable people with experience, who dive into the programming of each individual person. They are goal oriented plans which can match any lifestyle you desire, they are flexible and well rounded. I never once felt deprived or like I was missing out on regular life because I was on a “diet.” Perfectfit4u helps you change your mindset to adopt an improved lifestyle not just in eating and exercising but also in your business life, mental strength and emotional balance. Did I mention I live 3 hours away from this group? They are so committed to staying in touch and checking in and building a group in person and online. It could have been easy for me to say I was doing one thing to them and do another being so far away but the sense of teamwork and encouragement daily is motivating and inspiring. It truly is about a mindset and they do a phenomenal job of being welcoming, fun and pushing just the right amount because they care and get to know their clients individually. Please consider giving them a try, especially if you have been thinking about it for a while. It’s worth it.

- Kailey Cox
#Perfectfit4u is by far one of the best fitness/nutrition programs - this facility sets itself apart from others like it because of their strong support to TEACH you how to use all the information learned to continue a healthier lifestyle and not depend on them. (It really doesn’t feel like a business for this reason - but more like friends that truly care).

This team is so motivating and positive - the growth is so much more than fitness and nutrition - it’s about empowering yourself in every way! 

We did this as a couple... Going through this together was icing on the cake (just kidding, no cake) we can relate to all the changes and pushed each other along, got excited about our workouts and also became better role models for our teenagers. We have been together for 27 years and feel like we are once again back to our teenage years. 

Ashlyn has spent many years in university and it really shows when we sat down with our one on one meetings- she gets her dry erase board out jotting down formulas and helps you understand why certain changes need to happen. I love how we all have our own unique plan, and no it’s not just chicken breasts, egg whites and broccoli- they’re foods that you enjoy in healthy portions.

- Chelsie Ashcroft