My experience as a Perfectfit4u client has been nothing but a positive one. Not only have I developed a friendship with Ashlyn but she has also given me so much more confidence and drive to succeed at my goals. She has been the ultimate supporter, even before I decided to work with her. She makes you feel like you can do it, and with her YOU CAN!

Not only is she constantly encouraging her girls, she will do anything to help out. Her meal plans are anything but boring, it doesn’t feel like I’m even on a diet and look forward to every meal everyday. She expects greatness and hard work from her clients, as it should be. I would recommend working with Ashlyn to ANYONE, whether it be someone who’s looking to compete or someone who’s just looking to shed a few pounds for that summer beach bod.

I am thrilled to call her a coach and can’t wait to continue working with her on my journey to the stage.
Perfectfit4u has been a fundamental part of my fitness journey. Before starting with Ashlyn I was going to the gym regularly and eating somewhat healthy. What I didn’t realize was that I was under eating and doing too much cardio, compromising my muscular gains. Since eliminating cardio altogether and drastically changing what and how much I’m eating, I have noticed a lot more definition and growth all over. Not to mention I am the strongest and happiest I have ever been. Joining this program was one of the best decisions for my fitness goals and has introduced me to some amazing people with whom I can share this passion.
Ashlyn showers you with encouragement it in every way; Snapchat, Instagram, text messages, you name it and she uses it to motivate you along the way. She’s provided me with reassurance and an ample amount of knowledge whenever I’m confused or just plain curious about something! You ask her a question and she will get back to you with an answer... and occasionally a novel!
My experience with perfectfit4u for the past 4 months has been incredible! Ashlyn is so personable, professional, and easy to talk too. The program can be very hard at times but she gives you such positive motivation, it’s so nice knowing your not doing this challenge alone and you ALWAYS have someone in your corner cheering you on! I finally feel like I’ve gotten my life back on track after having a baby and totally losing control on my body. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in; I sleep so good, and overall find myself a much much happier person. This has by far been the best change I’ve ever made in my life for myself, my family, and especially my daughter!
Girl, we are on fire!!!! It has been 9 months, 9 MONTHS since we were introduced to your program and we are still going strong. This is our lifestyle, our passion and our drive. We took our kiddos down the to river bottom a few weeks back and did an awesome circuit with them [...]. We are active, we are fit, we are happy, we are a family. You know that my goal when starting my program was to teach and work with my family to be the best, happy, healthy selves possible and I honestly feel like we are attaining that.
I hope every person out there knows that being fit and active is possible!![...] Being fit has strengthened our bodies, strengthened our marriage and strengthened our family. Thank you, gosh THANK YOU Ashlyn for teaching us this new way of life.
Here is to a lifetime of love, happiness and muscles.
ARE YOU A BUSY MOM? Well, I have a story for YOU. #Perfectfit4u Client Sonya, Mother of FIVE, down 40 lbs. and just met her goal of completing a 60km “Freedom Climb”!
... Here is Sonya’s story:
I feel like these last two years since my fifth baby was born a huge blur [...] I made a goal, that seemed lofty at the time- to join a group of ladies for a Freedom Climb, a 60 km hike in 4 days to help women and children in trafficking. The only way for me to get my workout in meant going to the gym at 5 am. I soon found I loved it and following my #Perfectfit4u program gave me results and encouraged me to continue. I then contacted you again to update my program and gave you my goals and your team gave me some great workouts and a very easy meal-plan to follow [...] Obviously following my plan 100% of the time isn’t part of my reality but through it I was able to make good choices when I was “stuck” and continued on the program as best I could.
SO 8 months later I am roughly 40 lbs down, with a new functional body that is getting stronger every day!! I can play with my kids and I completed the Freedom Climb last week and felt great physically. Thanks for all those Squats- they worked to get me up to 9,000 feet!
Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement. I look forward to making new goals this year and achieving them
After a year of yo-yoing from one diet to another, I found Ashlyn’s Perfectfit4u information and signed myself up without hesitation. Just by seeing the progress pictures she posted online I knew this girl knew what she was doing! Little did she know what kind of client she just signed with; I wanted to become a vegetarian with her help!!

She jumped right into her nutrition research trying to seek the best products, such as tempeh vs. tofu, and checked in on me regularly for the first few weeks to make sure I was mentally and physically strong with the drastic changes I had made. I’m currently on my seventh week of Ashlyn’s Perfectfit4u meal and fitness plan and have seen more progress then I ever did over the past year when I was trying to master it by myself. Both physically and mentally, I’ve been able to see just what my body is able to do if I want it bad enough. Within the first week alone I felt like my body was cleaner, and over the next few weeks I started feeling physically stronger, then definition started to show up too, which goes to show, if I listened to Ashlyn, followed her plan, and pushed myself hard, I SEE RESULTS!
My experience with Ashlyn as my coach has been a pleasure. It is no surprise to me that I still feel motivated and determined with her as my coach as I sensed her enthusiasm right from the start. It feels good to have someone who has your back. Ashlyn does not leave you hanging, she constantly checks on me, asks me how my LIFE is, not just fitness in general, this is huge to me. I feel like I have a support system, which I never have had with diets in the past. Ashlyn will not create your plan and then leave you hanging! She’s there all the way! I would recommend the perfectfit4u program to anyone who is in need of that kick in the butt because Ashlyn will provide that for you... with a smile on her face the whole time!!
Seeking out Ashlyn’s health and fitness expertise has far surpassed my expectations. I have seen major weight loss in only six weeks and her commitment and encouragement is outstanding. She has made the process easy and even when you have moments of weakness or feel like you’ve failed she reminds you that things happen and immediately delivers the motivation necessary. Ashlyn is diligent, accommodating and an inspiration. I know im not her most progressive client but I’ve never felt neglected, only pushed harder. I believe if you have the want to change your lifestyle, Ashlyn is the key to your success; whether it be to drop ten pounds or become a body-builder. THANKS ASHLYN!
I had previously lost 60lbs, with diet and exercise, but I found myself at a stand still. My diet lacked the fundamentals. I knew if I wanted to lose any more weight and change my diet I needed to do something drastic. I tried it on my own, but I found by the afternoon I would be back in the pantry eating the kids “treats”. So I decided to have someone help me. That is when I contacted Ashlyn. I was very nervous and excited all at the same time (even scared!). Once the plan was in place I found it was an easier transition then I thought. I did stumble at times, but I made a promise to myself that I would try my hardest for one month on the plan. Well after 1 month, losing a little over 10lbs, I feel fantastic. It is amazing how proper nutrition just makes you feel that much better. The exercise was hard, but nothing I couldn’t get through and the difference in my body is amazing! My clothes are looser.

Ashlyn is a very supportive, happy coach. She doesn’t criticize but encourages. I never thought I couldn’t tell her that I had a little treat when I wasn’t supposed to. I felt I could tell her anything, and she will just encourage you on. The biggest difference I have seen in myself though, is my self-esteem. I feel stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. I am proud of my accomplishments and now love living this way. Yes it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. I would recommend Ashlyn to anyone.
I want to say thank you for what you have done for others I know. [*] is a dear friend and I have seen her confidence dwindle in the past few years-now it is on the UPSWING! [*] is getting more confident again every day and I can see her sparkle come back. A huge part of it has to do with how she feels and how proud she is of her fitness accomplishments, testaments to you and your program. It is always great to see women lifting other women up and I just want to say thank you, I admire it, and I
will celebrate it!
[...]I LOVE IT. I love how flexible it is for my shift work. I love the options [...] this updated version doesn’t feel restrictive at all. I have come to discover I am very much a mood eater so being able to change things up according to how I feel but still stay within parameters is awesome. I don’t feel as though I’m following a meal plan. I also love that “lunch” and “supper” are interchangeable. The [food] fulfills salt cravings and the chocolate is amazing! I LOVE chocolate. I also love to see what I can create meal wise with the options you gave me. I have been very consistent with my nutrition since the update and I am feeling great!