Lifestyle Programming

#Perfectfit4u offers a variety of plans that are designed to accommodate your goals, timeline and budget.

All our programs offer 4 key elements to help aid in your success:

  • A specifically tailored meal plan regime with a variety of meal options that align with your goals and food restrictions.

  • A customized cardio plan that parallels the dietary regime created for you.

  • A supplementary workout/resistance training program tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Your personally outlined weekly schedule fit to your work and personal commitments.


#Perfectfit4u offers the following programs: 

4-Week Nutrition Program – great for off-season program or a quick-fix

8-Week Nutrition Program – designed for fat loss, muscle tone or muscle gain

12-Week Nutrition Program – this is a progressively customized #Perfectfit4u program that allows for dramatic changes and can encompass multiple goals

16-Week Nutrition Program - a long-term advanced weight-loss/muscle gain program consisting of gradual personalized monthly tailoring

20-Week Nutrition Program – this is a complete life changing program that helps to develop life-long healthy habits

At #Perfectfit4u, we take pride in customizing all the plans to our individual client’s needs; as this takes time and care to complete we offer only a limited number of spots per start date.

To secure your spot for the program of your choosing we require your first payment which can be made by selecting your program length from the ‘Sign Up & Pricing’ page. Our programs can be paid for in full or on a payment plan. We offer both monthly and bi-weekly payment plans. 

Please Note: Your program would be in effect of your start date not from the date of your deposit.