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All current clients are required to complete an OFFICIAL Check In with their #Perfectfit4u Coaching Staff every 3-4 weeks throughout their programs length.

Your nutrition and training staff will utilize the information given to provide you proper feedback, and to create suitable program alterations.

Current Client OFFICIAL Check Ins (every 3-4 weeks) can be completed in 1 of 3 ways:

1.  Phone call with #PF4U Coach (email [email protected]) to schedule.

2.  In-person 30min consultation appointment (email [email protected]) to schedule.

3.  Submission of online Template for Check In (CLICK below and SUBMIT).

*All modes of Check in’s MUST be accompanied by progress photos (front, back, side) sent to u[email protected]

Please be aware that our coaching staff will not create a new program for a client without proper communication and feedback. All questions and concerns outside of your official Check In’s should be directed to your nutrition and training staff directly OR through the text hotline. All contact information is given in your official Welcome Document.

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Enjoyed your time with Perfectfit4u and not quite ready to leave? Extend your programs time frame by taking advantage of our 15% OFF loyalty rate for all CONTINUING CLIENTS! You MUST be a CURRENT client to receive this discounted rate. 

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Created some progress worth sharing while under our guidance? PLEASE consider allowing #Perfectfit4u the opportunity to use your progress photos for promotional purposes. The option to share your success ANNONYMOUSLY is also offered. Please fill out and SUBMIT the form below to provide PF4U permission to your progress photo(s).


Possible uses for photos MAY include: website updates, promotional video material, social media posts, progress books in office space, etc.


Remember, your journey is as private or public as you desire it to be, there is never an obligation or pressure from our staff to agree to these terms.