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About #Perfectfit4u

#Perfectfit4u is an online-based nutrition and training company established to work with clients of all capabilities and fitness levels to achieve their health and wellness goals. Our coaching team is composed of highly educated, motivated and passionate professionals who take pride in producing life changing results.

The #Perfectfit4u Coaching Team works with each of our clients on an individual basis whether online or in person, to ensure a positive and progressive fitness journey tailored personally to each participant's lifestyle and ambitions.

We are confident that #Perfectfit4u can help you improve your nutrition habits, accomplish your weight-loss or physique altering goals, and aid in refining your overall wellbeing to create a sustainable lifestyle perfect for you.


**Each month clients will receive both a personalized nutrition plan AND training regime as well as communication with your assigned #Perfectfit4u Coaches.

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 Rob   - Owner & Certified PT


- Owner & Certified PT




#Perfectfit4u is made up of the best of the best Nutrition and Training professionals.

 Ashlyn   - Owner & Nutrition Coach


- Owner & Nutrition Coach

 Justin  - Facility Manager & Certified PT


- Facility Manager & Certified PT

 Morgan Michalsky  - Nutrition Coach 

Morgan Michalsky

- Nutrition Coach 

 Caylee   - Nutrition Coach & Certified PT


- Nutrition Coach & Certified PT